TAGBILARAN: Sights on Our Learning Venue

After the training I've conducted on Dumaguete City, Bohol is the next venue on my schedule. These images were taken from the terrace of the our venue during our break. It was fair day when we were taking our snack, beautiful sights around  caught my attention, and because of my interest on nature and capturing images, I immediately get my camera and took some shots to capture images around. 
Casa Rey Francis Resort in Tagbilaran City, Bohol is a good place conducive for learning. Can be found just around the city, every tricycle driver knows this place. Located on the coastal portion of Tagbilaran, the resort has beautiful sights around. It's nice to go swimming anytime, day or night, in the warm seawater just outside the resort. The place is a wifi zone so you can connect to the net anytime.

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